How We Do Things -- Our Rules

Facility Prohibitions

CPI Prohibts the Following from The Mark:

  • Minors
  • Alcohol
  • Illegal Drugs
  • Firearms
  • Solicitation in Any Form (to include prostitution and professional domination services)

>Violators will be required to leave The Mark immediately, lose their membership, and forfeit any fees paid.


The Mark is a private, members-only club and as such only card-carrying members and their guests may attend. Members in good standing may invite guests (as many as you feel comfortable being personally responsible for), and sponsor memberships. When members expecting guests arrive, they should alert the door-keeper to add their guests' names to the night’s official guest list. Guests cannot enter The Mark (beyond the lobby) unless they are on the guest list AND the member inviting them is present to vouch for them personally, so it is best if guests arrive with or after the members who invited them.

In addition, nobody under the age of 18 is allowed inside The Mark for any reason and access to the play space is prohibited to those who have not signed the standard CPI consent form whenever play is in progress or expected.


There are two classifications of membership. New members enter as associate members for a period of six months and will be extended the offer of regular membership once completing the probationary period without incident. In addition to inviting guests, membership offers discounts on events, the ability to pay membership dues and entry fees by check, reciprocal membership with sister clubs, non-business voting privileges, and other perks. Regular members are granted additional voting rights as determined by the CPI Board of Directors.

Along with completing the required consent/membership form and paying the membership dues, the potential new member must supply the name of a current member who will vouch for their character and sign the membership form as their sponsor. If no such person is available, members of The Mark's management may volunteer to serve this function, based up references provided or their past experiences with the potential member in question. (This is neither an automatic process, nor a hazing ritual, but serves as an important firewall for the security of our membership.)

If no such person is available, members of The Mark's management may volunteer to serve this function, based upon references provided or their past experiences with the potential member in question

All records kept at The Mark include only member names and member numbers. Cross-references to legal names and signed paperwork are removed every weekend and ultimately reside outside the state of Tennessee.


The following is representative of our fee structure for CPI events, but is not meant to be comprehensive:

  • Membership Fees: $30/six-months or $600/lifetime.
  • Entry Fees for Weekend Parties : Members - $15, Guests - $20.
  • Class Fees: Free! (As we believe that education should be open to all, we do not require payment for classes. We do ask, however, that those who can help defray our expenses do so through a $5 or $10 donation.)

Fees may be paid with cash, personal check (if a member in good standing), by PayPal (using the payment address of ""), or by credit/debit card at major events.

Membership renewals and event fees may be paid offsite and in advance of events via PayPal... Please include an extra $1 to cover our PayPal costs and include your member name and/or number to make doubly sure we credit the correct person!

Reciprocal Membership Agreements

CPI has entered into agreements with several groups to honor each other's memberships and thus, add to their value.

These agreements allow any current card-bearing member of one group all the perks and privileges of membership in the other group when traveling to:

Those running facilities similar to The Mark should contact us if interested in setting up a reciprocity agreement with CPI.

Hours of Operation

Unless otherwise posted, The Mark holds a party every Friday and Saturday night from 8:00 p.m. until 2:00 a.m. Arrive early and you risk sitting in your car until the Manager-On-Duty arrives to open. Arrive after midnight and you will not be allowed to enter. Everyone should plan to leave by 2:00 a.m. unless prior arrangements have been made with the Manager-on-Duty.

Classes, meetup groups, discussion/support groups, etc. meet at various times through the week and throughout the day in an effort to provide educational opportunity and community interaction with as many people as possible. Please check with event management or our event calendar for scheduling detail.

Dress Code

Dressing well is encouraged to enhance the social experience for all, but is not mandatory. Acceptable dress can include, but is not limited to: formal, cocktail, business casual, lingerie, leather, latex, rubber, PVC, metal, glam, raver, drag, retro, uniform, cosplay! We ask that you not wear flip-flops, Crocs, dirty clothes or shoes, baseball caps, etc. The goal is to look like you are going somewhere nice, so wear whatever makes you feel attractive! When in doubt, wear black! If you have questions as to what is or is not appropriate, please ask.


No food is allowed in the play space, when play is allowed, unless medically necessary or prudent. Beverages are allowed, but only in non-glass containers. Please be careful where you place your beverages and remember to pick-up after yourself.

Smoking/Vaping is allowed only in the designated outdoor smoking area on the side of the building. Please pick up after yourself, use the ashcan and trashcan provided, and keep the area clean.

Please park efficiently and courteously. Do not use the designated handicap parking spaces unless you have a valid placard or tag. During larger events, please obey the parking attendant, if we have one. If not, those members arriving earlier in the night should try to park further from the front door if at all possible and leave the closer spaces to first-time guests, out-of-towners, and those who could benefit from a shorter walk. All are welcome to drop-off riders and bags first before moving their car elsewhere and we are happy to escort anyone to and from their car for whatever reason. (The parking lot is under continual camera surveillance.)