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I'm New To The Mark...

What is CPI/The Mark?

CPI is a non-tax-exempt Tennessee non-profit corporation formed in 2005 to run "The Mark" -- Nashville's only BDSM/Kink/Fetish Community Center.

Where is The Mark? I can't find your address... Where are you?

We don't publish our address. CPI is a private, members-only organization and, as such, entry to The Mark is limited to its members and their guests.

But what if I don't know any members?

We offer monthly munches and classes that are open to anyone, allowing you the opportunity to meet our members and make friends with those who may sponsor you as their guest. Our first-Friday Welcome Munch and third-Friday Fresh Kink Nashville Munch (FKN is for ages 18-30) are designed for new folks looking for their way into The Mark. First-time attendees receive free admission and a comprehensive tour of The Mark afterwards.

What's a "munch"?

A munch is an informal gathering of like-minded people at a public restaurant, where you can meet and speak with current members and management.

How do I become a member?

You will need to complete the application form onsite and pay the membership fee -- $30 for six months -- but, more importantly, you will need a current member-sponsor (who you've probably met already since you've made it in the door!)

What is your minimum age?

Our minimum age for all of our events -- munches, classes, social events, and play parties -- is 18. (Be sure and bring your government-issued photo ID since we check everyone's age.)

Am I too old?

With the exception of our Fresh Kink Nashville (FKN) events -- that target our young adults, aged 18-30 -- we don't care how old you are!

Are alcohol or drugs allowed?

Nope and nope. CPI is a consent-based organization and The Mark is a consent-based facility, Obviously, consent is important to us and you can't give proper consent when intoxicated or high, so we don't allow alcohol or drugs on our property.

Can I drink or get high beforehand? It helps me loosen up.

The Mark is truly a low-pressure social environment, where everyone soon learns that they don't need the crutches of alcohol or drugs to be social and have a good time. No, we can't control what you do beforehand... however, if we suspect that you are less than sober, you will get a warning from management who will determine whether you may stay or must leave immediately... and whether you'll be allowed back.

How much do your events cost? For a single male? For a single female? For a couple?

Weekend parties cost $15/$20 per person (member/non-member) no matter what the event, your gender, or relationship status. We do not discriminate. Classes have a suggested donation of $5/$10 depending on expenses. We do not believe that education should be predicated by the ability to pay. If you can't pay this time, make it up to us when you can!

We are a monogamous couple... is that okay?

Yes! We have members who identify as monogamous. Others are in polyamorous, swinging, or open relationships. Many others are in no relationship at all. Our clientele value and respect the individual and the diversity of their choice of interpersonal ethical relationships.

Do I have to participate or may I just watch?

As a consent-based organization, it is up to you to determine what level of participation is right for you. There is never any expectation for anyone to do anything. So, yes, just watching is fine... as is not watching at all!

Do I have to use my real name?

Pick a name and that is what our folks will call you. Real or fabricated, nobody will know unless you tell them!

As a submissive, do I have to serve everyone there?

No, you choose your level of interaction and with whom you interact. Nobody will pressure you otherwise. This goes for everyone, submissive or not.

Is it safe for single women to attend on their own?

Absolutely! All, accompanied or solo, are welcome and safe at The Mark.

Is a single man welcome? Or do I need a date to fit in?

Come on out! We are a very friendly and welcoming bunch! Besides, the best place to find kinky friends (and relationship partners) is in a group of real people looking for the same!

But, I'm trans, gender-queer, or otherwise non-binary... What about me?

We value individual difference and defend the right to self-identification/expression in all its forms. And we "walk the talk" by providing Safe Zone LGBTQ awareness and ally training for our kink community and greater Nashville.

Okay, but I don't look like the fetish models or porn stars I see on the internet. Will I be out of place?

Join the club! We are a body-positive group of people of all different shapes, sizes, abilities, and ages. We love the mix!

Are there private rooms?

No, the play space is one big, open room. We don’t have private rooms for many reasons, but the main reason is that we can’t ensure safe play if we can’t see it. Besides, we are all voyeurs!

Do you have a dress code?

Yes, we have a minimal dress code that you can find elsewhere on this website. We have found that if you dress like you are going somewhere special, it will be special when you arrive! So, just look nice. Sometimes we have themed nights with suggested costuming... but its never required. And, when in doubt, just wear black!

Do you have toys to use/buy/rent?

When you visit our facility for the first time, you'll notice that The Mark is very clean -- in fact, that is our most frequent compliment! As such, loaning or renting toys does not fit within our hygiene model, so we don't. And, as we don't have or want a retail license, we don't sell anything, toys or otherwise.

What if I see someone I know?

Guess what? They are there too, and both of you are covered by the confidentiality agreement you signed when you entered. It does happen on rare occasions, but it tends to be more awkward than problematic.

May I bring friends with me?

Once you become a member, you may bring guests.

I am new to all of this... How can I learn more?

We offer many opportunities for the new and the experienced to learn and continue their kink education. "Dungeon Essentials" (held the first Wednesday evening of each month) helps alleviate first-time anxieties by describing what to expect and what's expected of you at a "public" play space. Our "Intro to BDSM" (third Wednesday evening) covers BDSM in general and the overall kink community. The "Kinky Roundtable" (second Wednesday evening) provides a forum for topical and timely discussion and debate of kink-related issues. And our technique classes -- the introductory "BDSM Basics" (third Sunday late afternoon) and the more advanced "BDSM Extensions" (first Saturday early afternoon) -- provide instruction on a wide range or topics and skills.

I've been kinky online, but never in real life... Is that okay? Will I be made fun of?

Most all of us started that way and we remember how scary (and exciting) the transition was. Since kink is about people and interpersonal relationships, you're only going to grow by getting away from the keyboard...and we try our best to make integrating into the local community as easy as possible.

I have heard that The Mark is a meat-market/unfriendly/unsafe/dirty/cliquish/etc. What's with that?

There will always be those who will tell you anything to get you to a hotel room or other private space for nefarious purposes, rather than to a venue where there are Dungeon Monitors (DMs) to ensure your safety. Consider carefully what they say, especially if they have never visited with us themselves. Oh... And ask for references... And check them!

I have no interest in public play, so why bother?

Even though you may not have any interest in playing outside the home, you have much to gain from joining our community. There is great value in learning from others via formal and informal educational opportunities, being in the company of those who understand, feeling part of a bigger whole, and adding to the safety net that community provides.

But I have more questions...

Most of the questions we receive have their answers on this website; but, if not, please feel free to contact us directly ( or ask your question on our FetLife group!

Remind Me About...

Can I apply for membership online?

No, your membership application has to be completed onsite as we have to verify your age against your government-issued photo ID for the form and your member-sponsor has to sign it.

Can I renew my existing membership online?

Yes, renewals may be accomplished via PayPal using the payment address of “”. Please include an extra dollar per six-month renewal to cover our PayPal costs and include your member name and/or number, if at all possible, to make doubly sure we credit the correct person!

What does a membership cost?

Memberships are $30 for six months or you can purchase a lifetime membership for $600 and never renew again!

Why should I be a member?

Members have entry fees reduced for evening events by $5. (This means that if you visit with us just once a month, the membership will pay for itself!) In addition, members don't require member-sponsors, don’t have to complete a new Consent Agreement every time they visit, and may sponsor their own guests. They may also pay memberships and entry fees by check, vote in CPI elections and referendums, and receive the perks of the reciprocal membership agreements that we have in place with similar organizations nationwide. But perhaps, more importantly, memberships help keep the doors open for other people to find us and, like you, have a safe place to be themselves!

With whom does CPI have reciprocal membership agreements?

Reciprocal agreements are currently in place with Desert Dominion (Tucson), Impact (Memphis), The Red Chair (Birmingham), and Xpressions (Tulsa). If you know of an organization with whom such an agreement might provide comparable and mutual benefit to both memberships (or are associated with such an organization), please let us know and we'll talk!

How does a reciprocal membership work?

Basically, a reciprocal membership agreement allows the member of one organization to be treated as a member of the other organization and granted all the perks and privileges of membership -- assuming you can provide proof (typically a dated membership card) that you are a current member of the partnering organization. Some clubs require that your membership be verified beforehand, so plan ahead and don't wait until the last minute!

May I complete the membership form, pay my dues, and sponsor a guest on the same weekend?

No, since at this point you have only applied for membership. Actual approval and assignment of membership occurs during the following week. So, although we will discount your entry fee when you pay the membership, secondary perks engage only once you are recorded in the membership database.

As a member, how many guests may I sponsor?

Current members in good standing can sponsor as many guests as they feel they can be responsible for. Be warned, however, that we will go straight to you if one of your guests violates a rule and, if the infraction is serious enough, your membership could be revoked.

I am a current member. Do I have to be present to sponsor guests?

Yes. As their member-sponsor, you'll need to sign their Consent Agreement. And as they won't be able to proceed past the front desk without your signature, be sure to arrive before your guest and make yourself available upon their arrival.

I've been to The Mark before, but am not a member. Do I need a sponsor to attend again?

If you've never been a member, you'll need a member-sponsor to attend a play party; but anyone may attend any of our munches, classes, or discussion groups.

I have been a member, but my membership has expired. Do I need a sponsor or attend a munch to come back?

If your membership has expired, you are listed in our records as an inactive member. You may visit on your own, but you'll have to pay the non-member door fee unless you renew. your membership upon arrival.

Is food and/or drinks allowed in The Mark?

Non-alcoholic drinks are allowed anywhere in The Mark (as long as they are in non-glass containers). Food is only allowed in the social area, unless you have a valid medical need or MoD/DM permission to take food into the playspace.

Any other housekeeping rules I should know?

Just a few things: Don't use cellphones in the playspace... And keep conversation volume low... You are free to move most things around, but put them back when you are done... Put used blankets and common-use rope in the yellow laundry hampers when you leave... Don't put anything other than blankets and rope in the hampers... Take off your heels before stepping on mats or padded furniture... We recycle paper, plastic, and aluminum cans -- help us!

What are The Mark's hours?

That depends on the event... Wednesday evening classes/forums/discussion groups are from 7:00 to 9:00. Saturday classes start at 1:00 p.m. and Sunday classes at 4:00 p.m. Friday and Saturday play parties are typically from 8:00 p.m. until 2:00 a.m. and "Ten Dollar Tuesday" parties are from 6:00 p.m. until 11:00 p.m. Special events and changes happen, so be sure to check!

I want to help... Do you accept donations?

Yes, yes we do! As a legitimate 501(c)(7) non-profit, we will gladly accept your financial benevolence. If you care to use PayPal, you can send your donation straight to us at "". You can also include CPI in your will (and, if interested, one of our attorneys has provided us the proper legal language for you to do so!) Please note, however, that we are not a 501(c)(3) charity, so your giving is not tax-deductible.

I really want to help, but can't financially... What can I do?

CPI employs no paid staff or management... and The Mark is completely maintained and operated by an extensive team of volunteers. We are ALWAYS looking for help!

Can I rent The Mark for a party/social/meeting/wedding/photoshoot/music video?

We do rent The Mark (or just the meeting rooms) for all sorts of purposes inline with our mission, but only to current members in good standing. Contact us for availability and pricing information.

I am an educator, researcher, mental health professional, writer/journalist, or other professional... Who do I contact about CPI or The Mark for work purposes?

Please send such inquires to us at

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